Giving Philosophies

For students excited to get involved and seize this opportunity, but who might not be sure which organization(s) they would most like to support, we’ve observed some general approaches to donating that we share here.

Legal Advocacy Groups

As law students, choosing a career path and specialty is a vexing, but necessary decision. For most of us there are many areas of law wanting for more passionate and better-supported attorneys, but each of us can only commit to one. Understanding the importance of those practice areas we personally decided against, the natural thing for many of us is to support underfunded legal advocacy groups.

Direct Providers of Neglected Services

Many pledgers choose to support organizations working outside the legal arena who directly serve those most in need of support at the moment. These students recognize that while law is necessary for realizing human rights and welfare, it alone is not sufficient. Students have given to health providers and community/economic development groups—both domestically and internationally—whose quality of life interventions are backed by strong evidence.